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Wine Bottle Lace Lighted Decoration May 18, 2019

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This is a fun re purpose that you can do… and its super easy

Materials needed:

Wine Bottle with label removed

Lace (I used a lace curtain from the Salvation Army)

Modge Podge

Wine cork light strand – these are LED battery operated and a great deal on Amazon

Cut your lace to fit your bottle – then prepare to get messy… I used a paper plate spread glue on bottle with an old paint brush – aligned my lace and then painted a layer of glue over the lace – this is time consuming but worth it. I left mine to dry for 24 hours – then you can decorate your bottle with raffia – jute – ribbon – artificial flowers whatever you see fit. I did not lace above the neck of the bottle and then just used ribbon. Feed your lights in and enjoy your finished project. Makensy and I enjoyed making these – we hope that you do also!!!


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