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One of my Favorite summer “Adult Drinks” May 30, 2014

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I used to love this – and still do when I have it… It tends to be my little treat – or my little flash back of the past.  The Restaurant & Bar that I worked at is where I fell in love with this simple drink…The One owner helped me become obsessed with it… the other  with 57 Chevy’s – so if you are ever in Mansfield – stop in at West’s Restaurant & Lounge and stump them by asking for a 57 Chevy – they are very much worth the price and I know for a fact the recipe is behind that bar someplace…   But back to this drink – this one is an easy one you can make at home – and if you like Raspberry Lemonade then you must try a Chambord & Lemonade…  It’s a shot of Chambord.. add ice and then fill with lemonade – you can make stronger if you like  – hope you enjoy!!!!


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