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Enchiladas for something different…. February 2, 2013

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So how I ended up searching for a good enchilada recipe was my sons fault…. we happened to be in the taco isle one day and he wanted to get a kit for enchiladas….well I am really not into kits on most things… so I went on a mission – the first batch was ok – the second turned out much better and its a keeper – so hope you enjoy it – its super easy and has some amazing results…. serve with some Mexican rice – Spanish rice – or whatever your preference is ….


Easy Enchiladas

1 pack of 10 – 10 inch soft shells

taco cheese – Mexican blend – or Colby Jack – 1 bag ( 3 cups)

2 cans of Enchilada sauce – I prefer the medium

1 large can green chili’s

1 pound lean ground beef

1 small onion chopped


  • brown your ground beef with the chopped onion – if need be drain grease 
  • add to your beef and onion the green chili’s and about a 1/3 cup of Enchilada sauce , and about a cup of cheese – Mix together
  • take your shells brought to room temp – take remaining sauce and simmer on low in a frying pan….
  • dip shells one at a time into the sauce – then spoon a generous amount of meat mix into each – add cheese and fold – put into a sprayed baking dish with a little sauce in the bottom – this is necessary( you will thank me for this)
  • continue with remaining shells – I usually end up with 2 8×8 pans
  • take remaining sauce and poor evenly over Enchiladas – cover with a generous amount of cheese and bake at 350 for about 25 – 30 minutes
  • you can serve these topped with sour cream – or the girls even like ranch on them….



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