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Cute paper bag pumpkins October 23, 2012

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It is the time of year for all the pumpkin/Halloween inspired crafts….this is another we did last year and they turned out really cute – and the kids had a great time painting them….everything was orange!!!  Hope your kids enjoy it!!


What you’ll need:

  • Paper bag (lunch size)
  • Stuffing – newspaper, candy, other treats
  • Green ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Orange and black paint
  • Paint brushes

How to make your Paper Bag Jack-o-lantern Craft:

  1. Stuff the paper bag so that it is halfway full. Use the green ribbon to tie the bag shut.
  2. Paint the entire bottom half of the bag orange. Leave the top part of the bag (above the ribbon) brown so it looks more like the stem.
  3. When the orange paint is dry, paint on a jack-o-lantern face.


As you can see we went a little off on the directions and used sticks for the stems….and just pushed the top of the bags down and made them leaves…..  and we also used jute to tie them with …..  



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