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It’s Friday and that means Fish Fry May 4, 2012

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Friday in the local areas means one thing – Fish Fry – macaroni and cheese – french fries…coleslaw….. these are the main things I think of when I think fried fish – the other is an automatic BEER BATTER…..  And it is hard to find a good fried fish – and I mean a light golden batter that it not to thick – to thin or tasteless….well after years of  mass producing fish batter – I have it perfect….and I am sorry this is one of those that you have to play with – I do not measure anything – I know what it needs to look like …..I swear I could make it in my sleep…..


You can go out and buy the beer batter mixes – and all the fancy this and that – but when it comes to great batter – it’s really only a few things you need to have – 

Beer Batter

  • flour
  • salt
  • pepper
  • paprika
  • beer
the darker your beer the better your batter – although any beer will do – its best to let it set over night – you want it to be thick like a pancake batter
and for a dry batter I use flour – with some salt pepper and paprika….good luck all


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