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A grilled Veggie Packet ….that pairs well with anything March 22, 2012

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As I have mentioned before I love anything that goes on the grill in the summer….and this is one of my favorites to throw on with anything – chicken,pork, London broil, steaks…. The pairing is endless…and if you make small packets they can be single serve….

Veggie Foil Packets for the Grill 

  1. aluminum foil – the thicker the better 
  2. potatoes ( any washed w skins on)
  3. carrots ( baby) 
  4. onions
  5. butter
  6. cooking spray
  7. seasonings – ex. garlic herb by Mrs. Dash ( salt free) or Roasted Garlic & Herb by McCormick s

First put out a good-sized piece of foil. Spray it to avoid veggies sticking.  Add sliced onions and thin sliced potatoes – and baby carrots seem to work best for this.  Add you favorite seasonings….and a few tablespoons butter….Next you want to seal the foil – aka make a packet out of it….this is the important step and if you have a gap then add another layer of foil…the importance of making sure it is sealed well cannot be expressed enough!!!!   Then toss on the grill and let cook for about a half hour to 45 need to flip the packet around a few times….and then you have a great side to go with your dinner!!!


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