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And its Cooks outs and Pasta Salad Time March 19, 2012

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One of the things I love about spring and summer is not having to turn on the oven….If it can go on the grill it goes!!  And a favorite side in this house is pasta salad…and I am actually a little picky when it comes to how its made….And its actually one of the things I make the way my mother did…yes you are all reading that right…lol   I have to say that her pasta salad was always the best….along with a pull apart herb bread that was amazing – and I do not have the recipe for that..hmmmm   Anyway we hope you enjoy the weather and the salad!!!

Pasta Salad

1 envelope Good Seasons Italian dressing mix ( the add water, vinegar and oil) prepared…You can get a seasoning pack that includes the Cruet

1 box tri colored Rotini ( I have also used the whole grain mixed half and half – and it’s just as good)  

1 80z block your preferred cheese – I always use Colby/jack – cubed 

1 cucumber – peeled and cubed 

1 large tomato or cherry/grape tomatoes 

1 green pepper – Optional if you do not like 

1 onion diced 

broccoli cleaned and cut

cauliflower cleaned and cut 

1 large carrot washed peeled and sliced thin 

1 can sliced black olives 

1/2 package pepperoni slices

Parmesan cheese

* you can add or omit any veggies your family prefers* 

  1. Boil a large pot with salted water with a tad of vegetable oil….add pasta and cook until tender….drain – and allow to cool slightly 
  2. when your pasta is ready – find a large bowl add all your veggies and cheese, pepperoni, etc….
  3. add shaker ( Parmesan cheese) – a generous amount on top and stir in – if you cannot see the cheese add more – and finally add the Italian dressing – this is the I am picky part – I will not eat a pasta salad without this dressing on it !!!!! 

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