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A easy fun older kids project – and they love them…. March 5, 2012

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So its sometimes hard to find things that the older kids want to make …but marshmallow shooters are always a fun project…my advice is do them when its fairly nice out – if not you will have a mallow covered house….yes that was from experience this winter!!!!  


How to Make a Marshmallow Gun, or Shooter

Materials and Instructions

You will need 1/2 inch pvc pipe cut to the following lengths. You can cut it with a hacksaw or sometimes you can have it cut at your local home improvement store. Since pvc comes in ten foot lengths you will have some left over. The materials for the marshmallow guns cost less than $5.00.

  • One 9″
  • One 7″
  • Two 4″
  • Two 2″
  • One 3″
  • Two 90 degree elbows
  • Two T’s
  • Two end caps

Assemble them by pushing them together. You can later take them apart easily for cleaning, or for changing the way your marshmallow blow gun looks. Do not use adhesive in putting them together. You won;t be able to clean the shooter when you want to.

You can also use the following configuration:

  • Six 3″
  • One 7″
  • Two PVC elbows
  • Two PVC “T”-fittings
  • Two PVC end caps

This makes a more versatile weapon, that you can change the barrel length on, and the velocity of the marshmallow. How do I know? The marshmallow guns get reconfigured daily at our house to find the best design. My kids have added a PVC piece with a flared end on the end of the barrel. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Push the pieces together as they are in the photographs. It is much easier to do by seeing a picture than explaining with words. You can paint your marshmallow shooter any way you would like. Since the pieces to ours get rearranged and traded so often we chose not to paint them.

To use, take a mini marshmallow and put in the upper chamber. Blow hard and the marshmallow will shoot out the barrel, hitting your target with amazing accuracy. The marshmallows do get sticky so you want to make sure you do this somewhere you don’t mind marshmallows flying around.






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