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Today is Dr Seuss’ Birthday – so how about a craft for it March 2, 2012

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We all have our favorite books – from when we were little and a lot of them include Dr Seuss….I remember reading The Foot Book to the twins like it was the only book they could ever find….and to the point that to this day I know the whole thing still….another favorite was of course Green Eggs & Ham….So with today being the big birthday – I found something to go with it…..


Supplies You’ll Need

1) Use a hot glue gun to attach the pasta pieces to the clothespin before giving them to students, 2) while you can try other paint, puffy/fabric paint offers better control because it’s a thicker consistency, and 3) you can find tons of free Cat coloring sheets/printables online, simply select your favorite and scale it down!

Wondering how to use these fabulous crafts? Here are a few suggestions! Attach a magnet to the back, providing your kiddos with a fun way to display papers and projects on the refrigerator at home. Mount a piece of twine/ribbon on the front of your desk, along the window sill, or even on a bulletin board and use the Cat clips to display ‘Seuss-tastic’ student work throughout your Seuss unit. Glue a safety pin to the back to create a festive pin for Seuss day!



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