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What makes being a mommy the greatest thing….. February 24, 2012

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Little Miss went to take her teddy to school the other day….and was using a washcloth for a blanket for him. So I spent this morning fighting w scrap fabric….and this is the end result…its not perfect…its not my best…its not even remotely what I would normally put out as a project…but it will make a little girls day!!! And that look when she gets home to find teddy in his new little blanket is worth more than anyone could ever give me… It’s one of the moments that makes all the stressful things of being a mom worth every second of it… And I know this little blanket is going to be run through the mill….so for as non perfect as it is….its in its own way the most perfect thing yet…..


One Response to “What makes being a mommy the greatest thing…..”

  1. kayla Says:

    Love it! And all of you!

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