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Pampered Chef vs…… February 18, 2012

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Who doesn’t love Pampered Chef products – we all do really….I have an endless list of them in my kitchen….But the last thing that I ordered was 3 wooden spoons – and those 3 spoons cost me almost 15.00 – really when did a spoon go up in cost to 5.00 – well by the time you add shipping they are roughly that price…I found some great ones at our Local Windmill – for around 2.00 and I love them just as well… That is not what I am discussing today though – BATTER BOWLS – I love batter bowls and with having a family of 5 they are quite handy to have – and I have always wanted one of Pampered Chef’s – but again over 20.00 for a glass bowl for pancake batter is a little steep for me — so Anchor Hocking has their version which is nothing amazing – and yet is not lacking anything that the pampered chef one offers – for a fraction of the cost – 7.97.  And the other bonus is you can go to, etc… and pick one up – not order it and wait 2 weeks for it to come in….


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